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Realtek 8029 PCI Sana2 Driver
for MorphOS

rtl8029 pci driver (MorphOS only) - 8k
- realtek 8029 pci driver (68k) for PowerUp and MorphOS.
  • 2nd public version, fixed for some PowerUp setups

[rtl_8029pci.lha] (MorphOS only)


AriadneII Sana2 Driver
for MorphOS

ariadneii driver (MorphOS only) - 20k
- ariadneii zorro driver for PowerUp and MorphOS.
  • initial public version

[ariadne_ii.lha] (MorphOS only)


Terratec 512i AHI audio Driver
for MorphOS

fortemedia ii driver (MorphOS only) - 9k
- Terratec 512i Fortemedia driver for PowerUp and MorphOS.
  • initial public port of the original GREX driver

[fortemedia801_ahi.lha] (MorphOS only)


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