Visionary TeleText
TeleText 1 Grab - 749K


The Visionary program is a "remote control" program with a modern GUI that is designed to take full advantage of the Visual Reality system allowing your Pegasos/Amiga to use modern TV/Video PCI cards with just about any look you want. Visionary is programmed to be very modular thus allowing support for a wide number of cards with different types of chipsets and tuners. Adding support for a new card (with documentation) is easy. Currently Visionary supports cards based on the following chipsets and tuners found below. About snapshots on this page.
  • Chipsets
  • BT878
  • BT879
  • BT848
  • Conexant Fusion 878a
  • Conexant Fusion 879
  • Tuner Chips
  • Microtune Tuner
  • Philips Tuner
  • Temic Tuner (Only newer ones)
Visionary Screen
1120x832x16bit grab.
Voyager + 7of9 snapshot (496K)
The universe's best WB grab!
Visionary Screen
1120x832x16bit grab.
Full size snapshot (346K)
Visionary going.

Not only is it easy to use, no scripts or fiddling with config files, but with interchangable skins it can look extreamly cool. Not only can you watch TV or video on your Workbench(c) but you can do it in style. With the many different number of skins available and the ability to make your own you can make Visionary look like just about anything.

What do you need to run Visionary? Currently you need a PegasosI/PegasosII PPC machine running MorphOS or an Amiga with a G-Rex PCI adaptor by DCE. Then you need CyberGraphX running (or MorphOS) on one of the many supported PCI graphics cards. Visionary takes full advantage of CyberGraphX with direct support of CGX's features such as SuperLayers for the best preformance.

"Visual Reality gives you complete control to allow you to get the most out of your TV/Video card. It looks and works like the remotes you use with your home TV and Stereo. Choose your own interface design from a variety of skins. Configure Visual Reality to look and feel the way you want. Skin interface makes changing remote controls a snap." Visual Reality compatible aplications are also packaged with graphic cards like the Voodoo3 3500, VoodooTV 100/200/FM, STB cards and others.

Visionary Screen
1120x832x16bit grab.
Star Trek Look snapshot (242K)
Visionary Screen
1120x832x16bit grab.
Blue Eyes snapshot (258K)
Visionary Screen
1120x832x16bit grab.
Brown Remote snapshot (260K)

Above is a few examples of the different looks and layouts that Visionary can have. Most of the skins in the examples here can be found on the CDROM that comes with the VoodooTV series of cards.

About snapshots on this page: All Workbench snapshots on this page were taken with Cybergrab. System software: Latest CyberGraphX V4.2 with Superlayers on. 16Bit 1120832 Workbench. Visionary and the ForteMedia FM801 sound mixer.


You might consider donating to the Visionary PayPal account in order to encourage future support & updates, if you use this program.

Visionary Archives (Do not link directly to those archives, always link to this page!)

Visionary V0.24
for MorphOS

Visionary 0.24 (MorphOS only) - 115K
- TV Card interface program, you will need the skins archive below.
  • added TyphoonFM ID
  • added Typhoon2 ID
  • hide/show status of remote window is saved now

[Visionary_0.24.lha (MorphOS only)]

Visionary V0.22
for MorphOS

Visionary 0.22 (MorphOS only) - 115K
- TV Card interface program, you will need the skins archive below.
  • previous/next program now jumps to last/first program, if beginning/end of program list has been reached
  • fixed support for WinTV Hauppauge Model 38074 revb521 (probably broke other models?)
  • new key 'f' to switch between CloneWB Fullscreen and WB window mode
  • new option KEEPWINASPECT to adapt aspect ratio after resize of window
  • Keys > und < for volume change (only for cards supporting volume change)
  • supports SA_ShowBlanker,FALSE MorphOS Intuition Tag for custom Screens (MOS 1.5 only)
  • xth instance now uses Visionary..prefs, if available
  • corrected OSD Timeout , timeout was set to 40 seconds instead of 4
  • new option CARDID to select a card which can not be identified automatically. The ID can be looked up by DEBUG option
  • now opens a requester for an unidentified tuner card
  • allows more than one instance of the program to run several tuner cards at once
  • improved Tuner-Search for cards, which can't be detected automatically
  • new option CLONEWB, to clone Desktop screen and to open Visionary on own screen
  • support for TerratecTV Value
  • dragbar for Video window now has a height of 16 pixels
  • support for Voodoo3500TV (VisionaryPro only, limited to registered users, not yet available)
  • support for Radeon9000AIW (VisionaryPro only, limited to registered users, not yet available)

[Visionary_0.22.lha (MorphOS only)]

Visionary V0.18
for MorphOS

Visionary 0.18 (MorphOS only) - 76K
- TV Card interface program, you will need the skins archive below.

[Visionary_0.18.lha (MorphOS only)]

Visionary V0.16
for G-Rex

Visionary 0.12 - 47K
- TV Card interface program, you will need the skins archive below.
- Make sure to have SUPERLAYERS ON

Visionary015.lzh [mirror@cgx]
Visionary014.lzh [mirror@cgx]
Visionary013.lzh [mirror@cgx]
Visionary012.lha [mirror@cgx

Visionary Skins


Visionary Skins - 5.2MB
- Needed Visual Reality Skins for Visionary.
[ mirror@cgx
Supported TV Cards


PCI TV Cards "reported" by DCE to be tested and working with Visionary.
Click HERE to see the list.
Supported TV Cards


  • Here is a list of cards that has been Directly Tested by the VFD team or users in their labs with Visionary.
  • VoodooTV FM Europe
  • LifeView FlyVIDEO II
  • Typhoon TV Tuner PCI (This one)
  • WinTV Go
  • WinTV Primio-FM (tested 38074 Rev B521, 38014 Rev B221)
  • WinTV PCI-FM
  • Medion MD9592
  • Pinnacle Studio PCTV Revision 4.0 [Tested by Alkis Tsapanidis]
  • Chronos Video Shuttle II Revision 4.0 [Tested by Alkis Tsapanidis]
  • .
  • NOTE: If you are goin to send in info on your TV card please read: Please send the complete make & model of the card. TVcard info does not mean the manufacturing date of the fusion 848/878 chip .. the stuff around is also important!

Tuner Notes: Please note that many of the TV card makers will change tuner chips and still sell it as the same model card. This will sometimes prevent Visionary from working correctly with the card. Below is a round up of information:

Microtune Tuners: Directly supported by Visionary.

Philips: Directly supported by Visionary.

Temic Tuners: The newer Temic tuners are API compatible with the Philips tuners, so most all newer tuner based TV cards should work ok. NOTE: the older series of Temic tuner chips have their own (totally different) API and therefor will not work with Visionary.

LG/Samsung: LG tuners are similar but not exact clones of the Philips tuners. We have not done a good testing of these chips yet. It looks like a few things work the same as Philips tuners.. BUT they are not a drop in. So Visionary currently does not fully support the LG/Samsung tuners yet.


If you have any feedback, email visionary(at)cybergraphx(dot)de. 2000-2005 RCR/FM